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The Council of Saudi Chambers Launches International Chain Supply Programs for the Saudi Business Sector


GS1- Saudi Arabia at the Council of Saudi Chambers has signed an agreement of cooperation and strategic partnership with the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) to provide Supply chain International programs exclusively to the Saudi business sector in the Kingdom through a number of training programs and universally recognized international certifications related to this series.

            An official source at the Council of Saudi Chambers said that the supply chain programs are gaining rapid international attention for their importance, role and impact on financial results of companies, profits, development and prosperity of their businesses since these programs focus on the planning, implementation and effective supervision to provide the company's requirements like goods, services and supplies continuously, in a way that insures  that these services are provided in adequate quality and price from trusted dependable sources.

            The source added that through this agreement, the Council will be the only authorized body in the Kingdom to provide the International Supply Chain program and its related internationally recognized certificates, pointing that this program represents an international direction and a new model for organization within establishments and companies to increase competitiveness and an important tool to develop economies. Providing it from the Kingdom represents an additional value to the Saudi business sector and its competitiveness. It also enhances the performance of the various Saudi establishments and increases the abilities of the human resources to execute businesses efficiently.

           The source said that the Council of Saudi Chambers will provide multiple programs and training activities on Supply Chain, including workshops and exams for certification, "Certified Supply Chain Manager" CSCM. This certificate covers many areas and topics such as leadership, Six Sigma in the development of management and quality, theory of constraints, Accounting projects, operational accounting and other topics aimed at enhancing the quality of processes and procedures.

           For his part, Dr. Charles Watts, executive director of education and training in the ISCEA, said that the agreement and partnership signed by the organization with the Council of Saudi Chambers is of great value for Saudi companies and represents an opportunity to provide expertise in the various areas relating to the international supply chain program in the Saudi market, pointing out that many of prestigious companies in the Kingdom will be able to benefit from these training programs and approved international certifications by sending their employees to get them inside the kingdom after it was required to travel abroad to get them.

            He added that acquiring talents and identifying skills have become the real key to the competitiveness of enterprises in the new global economy governed by knowledge. Full cooperation in supply chains have become the required standard by professionals in the sectors of manufacturing and services. He noted that these training programs to be implemented starting next March aim to develop the capacity of participants in the areas of integrated management of the supply chain, including procurement, manufacturing, storage, transportation, distribution and information management required to support operations. The course will cover aspects of planning, designing and operating supply chain effectively and integrally starting from suppliers and ending with customers and consumers.

             The Council of Saudi Chambers called on all companies and public sector organizations to engage and enroll in these programs and training courses to acquire the international certification, which enables employees and their cadres to carry out and implement actions as required in accordance with the approved international standards. They can get more information about the program and training courses by communicating with the Board on the following address:
Naeem Ahmed:  +966-1-2182423 

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