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Supporting and developing relations with the Saudi Chambers

​1.In the study of decisions, regulations and conventions of interest to rooms:
◦Studying specialties of the Chamber's departments according to the system of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the governance regulations.
◦Studying the making of a guide for Saudi chambers representatives in Arab and foreign chambers.
◦Studying rules for forming executive committees in Chambers, their powers, meetings and preparing a sample guide of the decisions made by the Board of Directors' in the Chamber regarding this subject.
◦Studying the resolution issued by the Board of Grievances regarding the establishment of arbitration secretariats in the board, and their impact on the chambers' specialty in this area.
◦Studying the cooperation agreement between the Information Centre at the Council and information centers in the Chambers.
◦Studying the possibility of requesting the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) to consider any dealer or manufacturer, who does not subscribe or renew their subscription to the chamber as lagging payment of official claims issued by official bodies.
◦Studying the unnecessary demand of some official bodies to confirm the ratification of a chamber by another chamber and notifying these entities not to claim such confirmation according to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry system.
◦Studying the subject of companies' branches in provinces and regions renewing their records at Commercial Register offices in which these branches of companies exist in their respective domains, and filing opinions to the Ministry of Trade and Industry on this topic.
◦Studying the situation and future of chambers, procedurally and financially in the area of ratification of documents and papers.
1.In the field of technical support:
8 rooms have been technically supported as follows:
◦Basic infrastructure to operate systems.
◦The Saudi Chambers system for participants' management (associates).
◦The Saudi Chambers system for financial management.
◦The Saudi Chambers system for the external portal to verify signatures.
◦Developing the Saudi National Portal system and linking (18) participating chambers which are associated with (Yesser) e-Government program.
◦Providing domain registration services to chambers.
◦Adding events of women's departments in Saudi chambers on the Council website and circulating them on other chambers of commerce.
◦Establishment of an IT Data Center at the Council of Saudi Chambers according to international standards.
◦Agreeing with the e-Government Program (Yesser) to host registration offices and verifying the electronic identity of commercial facilities.
1.In the field of training:
Organizing a series of training courses in chambers, such as:
◦The basics of operating and managing businesses.
◦Developing information centers in chambers.
◦Evaluating business plans for small and medium enterprises.
1.In organizing events:
◦Organizing a meeting for heads of women's departments in Saudi chambers, this meeting being accompanied by a training course titled (The women's leadership skills) with 11 other representatives of different bodies.
◦Circulating the agreements of the Human Resources Development Fund and the Saudi Credit and Saving Bank on heads of women's department in Saudi chambers.
◦Writing a report on the achievements of women's departments in Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom during 2010.
◦Identifying the training needs for heads of women's departments in chambers in order to schedule appropriate training courses for them.
◦Participating in the "Khadija bint Khuwaylid" Forum which was organized by the Jeddah Chamber.
◦Participating in the Annual Meeting of Saudi Businesswomen in the Shargiyah Chamber.
◦Presenting a paper on "Small and Micro Enterprises and Sources of Funding them, Between Reality and Expectations" in a symposium organized by the Women's department at the Riyadh Chamber.
◦Following-up on the membership in the National Women's Committee in accordance with Saudi chambers.
◦Coordinating with female departments in Saudi Chambers to organize a workshop on "Activating Resolution 120 – Between Reality and Expectations" in some Saudi chambers, such as Tabuk Chamber, Shargiyah Chamber and Riyadh Chamber.
◦Organizing a series of informational seminars on supporting the process of nationalizing jobs in the private sector in (12) chambers.
◦Organizing several meetings for similar departments in the Council and in chambers.
◦Organizing 4 meetings for the Board of Directors in the Council of Saudi Chambers - meeting No. (68,69,70,71).
◦Organizing 3 meetings for the Executive Committee - meeting No. (61,62,63).
◦Organizing 3 meetings for Secretary-Generals.
◦Organizing 3 specialized training courses in Jeddah chamber, Shargiyah chamber and the Council of Saudi Chambers and in the following areas:
2.GS1 Al and ID Keys
3.Barcode print Quality
4.Supply chain management courses
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